Writing, by Lukasz Kowalewski

What happens after you finish writing a novel

1. Finish your novel.
2. Revise your novel.
3. Re-read your novel.
4. Decide your novel is awful and should never see the light of day again.
5. Revise your novel again.
6. Form a love/hate relationship with your novel. One day you love it; the next day you hate it.
7. Show it to some people you trust.
8. Cringe and cry at their feedback.
9. Revise your novel again
10. Think your novel is the best thing ever and everyone wants to read it.
11. Write a query letter.
12. Send your query letter out to agents.
13. Get a rejection.
14. Get another rejection.
15. Hate your novel more than ever.
16. Send out more queries.
17. Get rejected again.
18. Decide this one just clearly isn’t going to be your big break.
19. Send out a few more queries – just in case.
20. Start another novel.