I’ve learned that most writers have several projects going on for them at a time, and I’m certainly no different. To show the breadth of my current and recent projects, I’ve outlined them below.

More Sinned Against

60K of 90K written

Literary, contemporary.
NaNoWriMo project for 2016. Three women in the same family struggle with love, family, and life.

Swept Away

70K of 70K written

YA speculative, time travel.
My NaNoWriMo project for 2015.

First to Find

78K of 70K written

YA contemporary.
A coast-to-coast road trip adventure for seventeen-year-old Hannah to find her purpose in the moment.

Keep Calm and Carry On

15K of 80K written

YA historical, WWII.
During the Blitz in London, seventeen year old Penelope will do whatever it takes to keep her family alive.

Dear Bee

17K of 75K written

YA contemporary, epistolary.
A look into the dramatic, tragic, and wry life of an American teenager, told through a series of letters looking back on her senior year.

The Rules of Summer Camp

YA contemporary, romance.
A summer of pranks, little white lies, and a case of mistaken identity, set against the backdrop of summer camp.


YA steampunk, alternate history.
Set in an alternate New York City, Nick Avery discovers he’s not who he thinks he is and has to take over the throne from a man set on bringing the city to ruins.

In-Between & Ever After

YA contemporary with fantastical elements.
Ever since she lost her parents in a car accident, Rose has spent her birthday with them in the in-between, an amusement park between heaven and earth.

The Moonstone

YA fantasy, werewolves.
Sixteen-year-old Aurora discovers she’s the key to the protection of an ancient race of werewolves.

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