Lola, photo by Sarah Reck


My name is Sarah, I’m 32 and my day job is in social media marketing and web management. Currently, I live in Pittsburgh, the City of Champions, though previously, I’ve lived in New York City, Anaheim, and Orange, California. My roommate is my cat, Lola, pictured above.

I’ve held various jobs over the years, including summer camp lifeguard and boating instructor, youth group director, bookseller, research assistant, and more. I’ve worked in a bookstore and in publishing, at a public pool and in a bagel shop, in a nut house (selling nuts and candy) and now in a museum.

I’ve been a writer my entire life. The earliest story I ever wrote was in the second grade, and it was self-illustrated. I chose my college because of its Creative Writing major. I continued writing through graduate school, where I decided to pursue an MFA. I write now, too. My writing is eclectic and varied, though fiction is my preferred format and Young Adult the tone and style.

A history of writing in my life:

I’ve also done a lot of blogging over the years, starting with a book blog — reviews, top ten Tuesdays, waiting on Wednesdays — but I found that I didn’t always want to review a book after reading it, so keeping up with it wasn’t working. I tried a photography blog and then a food blog, eventually meshing them all together into one blog without any focus. And then my blogging frequency fell away, and it became a struggle to figure out what to write next and to keep up with it.

One night, while watching Jeopardy, I was inspired to try again, this time with a writing-focused blog. It is my hope that this blog will inspire you (and me) to write, to explore, to experiment, and to read.

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