Window Wet, Rowan Heuvel

NaNoWriMo: Week Two

Day eight

Word count: 1,289

I knew I wasn’t going to make it very far today because I had tickets to the Steelers game, which took up the entire day and exhausted me. I wrote before the game at my parents’ house, but it was a struggle. At least I managed over 1,000 words, which has become my goal any day that I feel like I can’t quite make it to the actual target goal.

Day nine

Word count: 2,490

I had a day off today, a flex day from a Saturday I had to work last month. Though I had the day scheduled a while ago, I ended up having to take care of my car. I was hit a few weeks back and today I had to drop the car off and get a rental car. This was first thing in the morning. For some reason, I was so exhausted afterwards that I spent most of my writing time alternating between nearly falling asleep and writing. However, I still busted through and got more words than usual written. Not quite the doubling of my word count that I wanted, but enough.

Day ten

Word count: 3,490

Well. I have no idea how this happened, but I went on a writing spree. The words just came out and out and it was wonderful. Of course, it helped that I had the worst after work evening ever when my rental car wouldn’t start and I had to wait over 2 hours for the tow truck then had to go all the way to the airport to get a new rental and then the parkway was closed 5 minutes before I got onto it and I had to go home the long way around … well, I wrote a lot during that time period. So that was good.

Day eleven

Word count: 2,082

Another 2K word writing day. This writing session was expected. Another scene I knew I had to get through that actually worked pretty well. I liked where it went and how it came out.

Day twelve

Word count: 2,596

Well, I spent an entire scene with two characters arguing about whether or not time travel is possible in a novel that includes time travel. So that’s fun.

Day thirteen

Word count: 1,921

I started the first big climactic scene in the novel today. It didn’t go as well as I anticipated. I think that I will be revising it an awful lot. In my head, I can see it play like a movie. Writing it down? Yeah, not working. I had to stop halfway through and hope that tomorrow, I can regroup and push through it.

Day fourteen

Word count:1,059

Yeah … apparently I’m having trouble writing on the weekends which is hilarious because I have more time to write on the weekends. Today I had to finish that big climactic scene. I knew the last words of the scene. I knew what needed to happen. I told myself that all I needed to do was get through the scene, whether I made my word count or not. The first problem came in that I slept in a lot later than I meant to which meant I slept through my prime writing time. So I failed at the word count but at least got through the scene. The second problem? I got to the last place that I had planned/outlined out. Now I’m flying by the seat of my pants.

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