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Writing & reading in 2015

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, one because I don’t like that word and two because I never manage to keep any of them. Ever. Maybe that’s because most of the time, a New Year’s resolution is vague and unquantifiable, something like “lose weight” or “spend time with family” or “read more.” Well, that’s all great and everything, but at the end of the year, how can you look back and know if you managed it?

I know a lot of people choose one word to lead and shape a new year, and I’ve gone back and forth with a few of them. But I’ve settled on one in particular that will probably not come as too much of a surprise: WRITE

With WRITE in mind as the umbrella under which all of 2015 will settle for me, I do have some goals and ambitions for the coming twelve months.

1. Finish, revise, revise again, & query my current WIP.

A daunting task of course, considering how much I hate the revision process. But I’m nearly at the end and I’ve already started revising and my awesome writing group is working through it with me, so this is an easily accomplished goal. I want to be querying by the summer. Yes, I’m crazy. Then, by September, maybe I can start something new. (Or sooner, you know.)

2. Read 75 books total.

I always choose a books goal, thanks to Goodreads’ yearly challenge. But this year I’m switching it up by selecting certain types of books or area to focus on. See below. Also, you can help: what’s a classic book I should read (in case I haven’t)?

– read 12 books already on my Goodreads TBR
– read 3 short story collections
– read 3 “classics” that I ‘should have read’ already
– read 4 poetry collections

3. Send more snail mail.

I love getting mail. And I love sending mail because I love the idea that the person doing the receiving is excited to receive it. So in 2015, I resolve to send more mail.

4. Write 2 complete short stories.

I don’t do this enough so I need to. The issue is, right now, I don’t have any ideas. Hopefully good short story ideas will surface sooner rather than later.

5. Write 5 poems.

And perhaps complete my Old Testament poetry collection? Maybe. Or maybe I’ll write completely new poems. I don’t know, but I want to see how I fare with putting the pen to paper and trying some poetry instead of prose.

Five. Five seems like a nice, round “goal,” so we’ll see how it works out over the next twelve months.


  1. A classic… I’d say Pride and Prejudice but I already know you don’t want to read it. There’s a lot of unexpected humor in her writing and I want someone else to appreciate the book with me. Or how about Little Women? Wuthering Heights? (That’s one I’ve started about five times and have never finished.) Is Gone With the Wind a classic?


    1. Pride & Prejudice is on my list. I mean, I’ve read others by her and liked them… I’m also shooting for Fahrenheit 451, The Bell Jar (though probably not until the summer), and The Age of Innocence. If I’m feeling ambitious I might do Gone With the Wind — I’ve always meant to read that one, ha, so it fits. The Scarlet Letter as well, I think. There was another that’s escaping me now, but I’m sure I’ll figure out which it was.


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